Grasping the Musical Genre

In a couple of weeks I will begin my seventieth year of walking through the weeds.  It has been a long and arduous adventure.  There have been some good times and some difficult times.  But, through it all, I’ve tried to maintain the proper perspective, to always move forward, never dwelling too much on the past and to play the cards of life that are dealt today.

It’s has been thirty years since I retired from military service.  My, how time flies (smile).  It’s raining cats and dogs today.  Seems like all day long.  So I am sitting in front of my computer screen listening to musical playlists that I’ve taken to building.  When music used to be printed on plastic and big boxes was the play, I used to collect albums and 45 rpm records to sample music of the day (70’s era).  Not so much since the turn of the century.

Now, I feel the need to re-acclimate myself to musical genre of today.  Strange that it comes about with listening to renditions by artists like Joss Stone, Rihanna, and Ed Sheeran.  Like anything new that one delves into it takes some time to develop an appreciation for the work of the musical artists of today.  I still enjoy and listen to the music from yesterday but you can never go back and you should not live in the past.  Besides, so many of them from my younger era have passed on.  The future holds so much more and I continue to open my mind to its acceptance.